lose weight in 2 weeks diet plan
The creator of this program Craig Ballantyne called it “6 Minutes to Skinny” because the foundation of this program
is a simple 6 minutes morning routine. Craig created this program in simple and easy way that everyone can follow
easily in his or her busy life. In this program Craig introduce ‘Metabolic Cycling’ which is simple but powerful
system for fat burning.

This program is aimed at women but will work for anybody even if you think you got worst genetics for fat loss in whole world, or you got terribly slow metabolism or even if you think you tried everything.

Additionally, in this program you are going to learn:

How to create ‘Metabolic Cycle’ in your body by using simple 6 minutes trick
How to create fat-burning metabolism in your body
How to burn belly fat in safe and healthy way
Foods that increases belly fat that you should avoid
Delicious shakes recipes
… And much more

How Does It Work?

The best thing I like about this system is simplicity. Craig designed this program in such a simple way that everyone can adopt and starts burning fat. Craig designed this program in simple 2 steps that are:

1} A bodyweight 4-6 minute intense circuit type workout

2) Follow this with a healthy protein based smoothie for breakfast

In this program you will get videos for movements that you have to do every morning along with recipe for
healthy protein and nutrient shake to start off your morning in healthy way.

Many previous weight loss programs failed because they provide results with very slow pace. However, with this
program you can get quick results by making the habit of these two steps every morning.

Craig suggested this morning routine for 4 weekdays in a week. Once habit is created then you can use movement videos (in members’ area) and personalized nutrition plan to accelerate your results. You can use this personalized nutrition plan in your lunch and dinner meals to get even fast and healthy weight loss.

Craig did all the hard work for you and created videos that explain ingredients you need for preparing these healthy and fat-burning shakes every morning.

Additionally this technique is proven to work as there are many men and women on the site who testify that they have had success losing fat from their bodies with the program and now are enjoying a happy life.


Why It Works?

Probably the biggest reason this program works is that is is easy to follow.

Not only that but the program is based on a secret that Craig discovered after 16 years of studying and analyzing tissues reaction in metabolic cycle. The secret of this program is very uncommon and available nowhere except inside this program.

The secret of this program is based on Metabolic Cycling. Body passes through different cycles in a day. The most important cycle that body gets is when you wake up in the morning. The cycle your body gets in the morning when you wake up is very crucial for fat burning.

If you take advantage of this cycle and feed your body right foods then enzymes will start signaling your body to burn FAT for fueling body organs. But, if you missed out this opportunity then your body will start storing fat throughout the day.

When you adopt the 2-step morning routine revealed by Craig in this system then biochemical and hormones changes take place in your body. These hormone changes transform your body into fat-burning machine and your body will continue burning fat all day long. Don’t worry these hormone changes are completely natural and safe.

If you follow this complete this 2-step morning routine for 7 days I guarantee you will see and feel results. How significant will depend on the effort you put into the daily routine and how good your diet is the rest of the time.

Final Verdict:

This is just a basic overview of the program but it should give you enough of an idea so you can decide it is for you or not. As I said before it is very simple and easy to follow but that does not mean easy. You will have to work hard for those 6 minutes every day. The program is backed up by solid science so you can be sure this has has been tested out before release.

Finally as with all these program there is literally no risk to buying this if you want to test it out. It comes with a iron clad 60 days money back guarantee so you can use the program see how it works and if your not happy within 60 days just send them an email and your money will be returned.

If you are like most people who have a busy life looking after the family, work hard and then try to fit in personal life somewhere then 6 Minutes to Skinny is designed perfectly for you.

Cick here now if you want to try out 6 Minutes to Skinny risk free.

To your new skinny body!

Here is a preview of the type of workout you will find in 6 minutes to skinny

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When you start to lose body fat and actually reveal your muscularity then you get a clearer picture of where you actually need to develop to give an overall proportioned physique. In this article the guest author goes through some of the more effective exercises for sculpting a more harder and balanced muscular frame. (By the way although this has been written with men in mind they are also good for women as well).

Usually, the goal of the body sculpting exercises is not only to shed those extra pounds but also to focus on making the muscles sturdier and better toned for achieving a more aesthetic look. In case of men, these exercises are effective only if there is harder resistance, a vital factor that is hardly realized by a majority. The reason is the task of strengthening muscles can occur more swiftly in men. It is recommended to concentrate on intensifying the resistance more often for the desired results. So, achieving an amazingly lean muscular body does not require working hard hastily and blindly, but working hard in the right manner.

Click here if you want to know how to build muscle and burn fat at the same time

Although it is common for several men to visit gyms for obtaining a toned body, it is possible to achieve the same goal through workouts at home. There are several exercises that ensure effective muscle sculpting without the need of any workout equipment, provided you perform them in the right way. It is suggested to perform these workouts after warming up with a light cardio such as jogging. Here are some good home exercises for body sculpting for men.

Exercise 1: Pushups

They aim at sculpting arms, shoulders, and chest; pushups are a must for toning the upper body muscles. To do a normal pushup lie face down on the floor and lift your torso by balancing on your hands. Move your feet backwards until the hips and legs get extended and the body becomes straight. Then bend your arms and bring the chest down to the floor. Now, push back upwards to come to the original position. However, ensure that the abdominal muscles remain tight and the neck does not move for reducing the risk of injury. It is recommended to do two to four sets of 10 or more repetitions for effective results.

Exercise 2: Lunges

Targeting the butt and legs, lunges aim at toning the lower body. To start, place your feet together and the hands at the sides. Then, step forward (a big step), bend your knees, bring the rearmost knee down to be within an inch from the floor, and push off the foremost leg to regain the original position. Exchange the leading legs for a set and keep the torso erect throughout the workout. To make it harder, consider holding weights. It is recommended to perform 2 to 4 sets with at least 15 repetitions for each leg.

Exercise 3: Twisting Crunches

Aiming at toning your waist muscles and abs, the twisting crunches workout is a bit hard one to master. Lie down on your back bend the legs. Next, lift the feet such that the thighs are at right angles to the ground and let the knees be bent at 90 degrees. Then, position the hands next to your head and without disturbing your legs raise your shoulders and head. Now, twist the upper body to make the left elbow touch the right knee and then lower the shoulders and head. Repeat the steps for the opposite side. As a tip, exhale while lifting the shoulders for better results and do not pull the neck to avoid any injury. Perform 2 to 4 sets with at least 15 repetitions.

Best Workout Strategies to Build a Solid Core

Most people consider core to be appealing like six-pack toned abs. However, the ab muscles form only one part of the core. Yes! The meaning of core is more comprehensive than what is being known by most people. Apart from abs, the core also encompasses several other muscles that pass throughout the torso and secure the pelvis as well as the spine to offer a strong support for intense movements. This means the ‘core’ includes the muscles extending from the neck to the lower back, muscles extending along the spine, muscles in the waist, hip flexors, medial thigh, hip side, and internal/external obliques.

By the way, did you know that it is this set of core muscles that facilitate human body to stand straight and walk on two feet? They also help the body to move in any direction, control movements, shift the stress of body weight, and transfer energy. When these muscles become strong through core exercises, you get to enjoy the benefits of reduced back pain, boosted athletic performance and balanced posture.

In short, it is vital to perform the core conditioning exercises that focus on all the aforementioned muscle groups. Core exercises are highly effectual when they target a majority of muscles all over the torso and across multiple joints, while they are performed as a unit. Most of these effective core exercises can be well performed at home without any equipment. At the same time, you also have to work on strengthening your core muscles and get rid of belly fat. To know more, visit http://bellyfat360.com/how-to-lose-belly-fat .

Here are some of the simple but best workout strategies for building a strong core.

Strategy 1: The Swift Core Workout

If you are looking for a simple routine that is quick and effective enough to cover all core muscles and give results without much equipments, this is an ideal one to choose. This workout encompasses a set of following eight exercises listed in the performing order:

1. Plank for warming all muscles
2. The Side Plank for engaging the lateral muscles running from the ankle to shoulder
3. V-sit for focusing on abs, obliques, and hip flexors
4. Bicycle Crunch in slow motion for in-depth focus on abs and obliques
5. Bridge for strengthening the muscles of butt as well as of the back thighs
6. The Single Leg Bridge as a powerful strengthener for butt and back thigh muscles
7. Push-up Lat Row for back muscles
8. Skip with Twist for the final warm-up

If you are a beginner, perform these exercises in the presence of a trainer.

Strategy 2: The 15-Minute Core Workout

This is the routine suggested by the owner of MaxCondition Training, Jamie Hale. It includes three composite exercises that aim at stimulating new muscle growth and improving metabolism. The ideal way is to repeat these exercises as many times you can in 15 minutes with a rest of one minute in between. Listed below are the exercises in the performing order.

1. Dumbbell Squat Press (8 to 12 repetitions) wherein you stand with hips apart and squat until the thighs become parallel
2. Single-arm Incline Row (8 to 12 repetitions) by facing down on an incline bench and allowing the arms to hang
3. Turkish Get-up (4 to 6 repetitions with each hand) wherein you recline on back, catch a dumbbell in left hand, move an arm straight over the chest, and stand up with the elbow locked


Note that the body will react differently to the diverse movements. Therefore, choose the most suitable body sculpting exercise to which your body can react effectively.

If you are a guy looking to take you physique to the next level then I recommend the Adonis Body Sculpting System. This is not a hardcore bodybuilding program but more for creating a physique like you see in Mens health or similar magazines.

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