2 workout routines for women to lose thigh fat and have sexy legs

by Howard

Got to be honest when it comes to the ladies I am a leg man through and through. This girl has in my opinion the perfect pins, long and lean but not overly muscular. (The rest of her ain’t that bad either :]

If you read through some of my other workouts there are a few dedicated to getting your legs in great shape because in my opinion the more women in the world with sexy legs the better. Also ladies I know how important it is for your image and confidence to be able to wear the clothes you want and not worry about how your legs look in certain outfits.

So with this in mind here are 2 workout routines specifically aimed at women that can be done either as one complete workout or split into 2 separate sessions. Although they are designed to shape and firm your legs they are also quite intense so that we get the added bonus of burning fat. I can’t guarantee they will give you the legs of the lady in the photo but what I can say is that if you do these routines regularly and follow a good fat loss diet then you had better start dusting off those old “skinny jeans” in the wardrobe that your dying to get back in because your going to need them

Workout Routines for women who want to lose thigh fat – Part 1

This workout is about hitting all areas of the legs to keep the muscle tone balanced and give your legs shape. We have 5 exercises that should be performed one after the other with little or no rest in between then after each circuit take a break for as long as you need. The object is too try and do as many circuits as you can in 15 minutes and then write down how many reps of each exercise you managed.Then the next time try you do it try and beat your score. If you want to make this a total body workout I would add in a set of press ups.

1.split squat. Using dumbbells or body weight step forward to the point where you are placing your rear foot on the ball. Keep the thigh of your front leg even with the ground. After that, make sure your hips go down to the point where the back knee is close to the floor. Do 10 repetitions for one side and then switch sides.

2. Spiderman Climb – This is for the legs and the abdominals. In order to properly perform this exercise, start in  a pushup position at first. Next, bring one foot up to the opposite arm placing it flat just outside your hand (or as far as you can go) and then back down, alternating sides. 10 reps each side

Note – Make sure your hips are as low as they can be, and be careful of your groin. When you start out, you might not be  flexible enough to get the foot to the point where it needs to go. This will improve the more you do it.

3.Side lunge – For the tricky inner thigh this one. Using dumbbells or just bodyweight step to your side, setting your foot onto the floor, lowering your knee to the furthest extent you can, while still keeping a straight back. Attempt to have a straight stationary leg as you do this. Go back to the original position. 10 reps each side

4. 1 leg stand ups – Sit on a bench or chair then attempt to get up just using one leg. You should try to keep the body straight and push through the heel of the foot as you get up. Sit back down again while still on one leg and try control this as much as possible – At first you may have to hold onto something to help you get up until you build the strength in each leg. 10 reps each leg – I would recommend you try to do this every time you get up from the sofa, a chair or out of bed. I swear if you can do this 20 – 30 times day for each leg after a few weeks you will have much tighter and firmer legs without even thinking about it.

5.low Jumping Jacks – These are similar to jumping jacks but you bend your legs lower when you jump your legs out wide. Here is my favorite fitness girl explaining how to do these properly. Go to 3.46mins on the video for a demonstration.  Do 25 Reps (By the way this is a fantastic workout to try out too).

Workout Routines for Women who want thinner legs Part 2

Ok so the second routine which I recommend you do is a High Intensity Interval workout that should be done on the treadmill or a bike. This can be done after the one above or as a workout on its own.

To keep you going for a while here are two you can start with. Begin each workout with a 5-10 minute warm up before commencing the “interval” portion of the session. Also when we say hard this is where you are at a level that you cannot speak properly. Obviously as you get fitter the speeds or resistances you use to work at a hard pace will start to increase.

Cardio Workout 1

10-15 x 1 minute Hard alternating with 1 minute Easy

Hard Running = 10-15 minutes

Cardio Workout 2

4-6 x 3 minutes Hard and 2 minutes Easy

Hard Running = 12-18 minutes

Running at quicker and more intense speeds is great for firming the legs and blasting away fat. I actually don’t have to train my legs very much because of doing my cardio workouts this way.

There you have it two excellent workouts routines for women designed to burn loads of fat, slim down those thighs and be quick enough to fit into the busiest of schedules so no excuses ladies.

Finally I understand that not all women are built to have slim super model thighs so here is a clip of one of the sexiest women in the world Jennifer Lopez who is well known for having bigger than average thighs and butt. Her legs in this video look fantastic and just show with the right diet and training what can be achieved.

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