How much weight can you lose in a month? Only you can answer that

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I have noticed that when I go on forums and other blogs I see a lot of people asking the question how much can I lose in a month?  The answer to this is really all about you and how committed you are to reaching your goals.

The actual amount of weight you can lose in a month depends on many factors. For example, the amount people lose tends to be related to their body size. Basically the more body fat you have the more weight you could safely lose in a month.

As a starting point the recommended amount to lose is on average 2 pounds a week because at this level of fat loss you are not having to go to extreme with diet and the amount of exercise you have to do so it´s a more sensible and realistic figure to achieve because it’s based on average or typical results. Also losing only small amounts of weight each week will ensure you only burning fat and keep your muscle so the effect on your body composition will be greater than if we are just talking about total weight. So although a loss of 8 pounds may not seem a lot when this is pure fat the difference in body shape will be very noticeable.

how much weight can you lose in a monthIt is beach time here in Marbella and  as usual everybody is working hard to look their best. Nothing more motivating than having to put your body on show every day

This is why talking about body composition is more relevant when it comes to changing your body shape for good. Increasing your muscle to fat ratio by aiming for a slower more progressive fat loss rather than trying to lose a lot of weight quickly will ensure that you stick to the program for longer and achieve better results long term with less chance of rebounding back to your original weight that we see so often with people who experience rapid fat loss through extreme dieting or exercise.

How much weight can you lose in a month – Why less is best

Of course you can lose a lot of weight in a month and there are many ways you can do this. However for the record I strongly disagree with anybody using pills, powders or any other fat burning supplement as these are just a waste of money and time. I also do not agree with any extreme diet where you are only eating certain types of foods for long periods. Don´t get me wrong I can see the attraction of being able to lose a lot of weight quickly without having to put in much effort but if you want to lose weight and improve the health of your body at the same time then please stick to the tried and tested method of healthy eating and regular exercise.

Following this route is harder but the rewards are far greater and if you are willing to do what it takes you can achieve fantastic results in month. For example if you look at some of the results seen here on one of my recommended fat loss programs then this shows what is possible with the right strategy and mindset.

To get these types of results in month or less then you need to show great commitment and effort. This means being very strict with your diet and doing more exercise to create a bigger calorie deficit.

For example if you want to lose 15 pounds in a month and have a calorie daily maintenance figure of  2500 calorie daily maintenance level you would need a big daily deficit of 1750 calories.

As you can see that would take a considerable drop in calories with some daily intense exercise requiring discipline and hard work that would take some serious organisation and planning especially if you are working full time and have a family. This why when you hear about celebrities who have lost a lot of weight in a month or just a few weeks you forget that for most people having to do what they did to achieve this is not practical.

How much can I lose in month – It all depends on these 2 factors

Diet – The stricter you can be the more chance you have of losing a lot of weight. Unfortunately eating low amounts of calories for extended periods can cause muscle tissue loss, a reduced metabolism and you feeling very hungry most of the time making you vulnerable to binge eating.

This is why I recommend following a basic approach of eating where you reduce calorie consumption by 10-20% and stick to a balance of protein, healthy fats and natural carb sources (no processed or refined varieties).

Your protein intake should be higher than normal as this can prevent lean muscle being lost, boosts metabolism and keeps you from getting hungry. Starch and simple sugars should be reduced and only taken around intense workouts or on cheat days. The rest of your diet should comprise of fibrous vegetables and low calorie fruits to keep up your energy and provide valuable fibre but without adding many calories to your plate. Having this type of ratio makes it lot easier for you to keep within your calorie goals and maintain a large calorie deficit  Learn how to create this fat burning diet here- Fat burning diet plan.


In my own experience and with clients the high protein reduced carb diet when combined with an exercise program of weights and cardio is the best for losing fat and losing it quickly.

The key with your exercise program is that it must be consistent and include some level of intensity. The more intensity you can add the larger the calorie burn and the bigger the deficit which leads to faster weight loss. There are many ways to do these including metabolic resistance training, high intensity intervals and bodyweight circuits to name but a few. These training strategies really boost up your metabolism and speed up fat loss so incorporating as many of these as you can will help you lose a lot of weight in a month. The only caveat I would mention is this type of training is not for beginners and needs to be worked up to plus overdoing this type of training can lead to overuse injuries and burnout so use with care.

If you want a program that teaches you how to train this way for maximum fat loss then check this site out. Turbulence Training

How much can I lose in month – Going Extreme

Although I advise taking a slower approach to fat loss there are times when you need go a bit extreme  over the course of a month say for example at holiday or wedding.

As I have stated already if you want to attain incredible results in short space of time then you need to be ready to take incredible action. First off you need to have the basics in place such as healthy balanced diet and a regular exercise routine. From here you can then employ certain strategies that will accelerate your fat loss and give you amazing results faster than normal.

In my free report “Fix your Frustrating Fat loss” (click the link to download a copy) I outlined 5 strategies that can help do just that but here I will quickly mention one that I have used with much success.

This strategy is carb cycling and I learned this a few years ago from the excellent Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle (and is explained fully along with other great strategies in chapter 12 of the eBook)

This is basically a number of very low carb and low calorie days (say 2-5 days) followed by a high calorie high carb day. This high calorie day or as the book calls them reefed days help re-stimulate the metabolism and reset any starvation signals that body may be receiving. It also provides psychological rewards for the days of discipline so you are less likely to crack and relapse.

If you want to know more 4 more effective fat loss strategies like this then get don´t forget to download my report here –> FREE REPORT

How much can I lose in month – Only you have the answer.

So as you have learned answering the question how much weight can I lose in a month is all about what you are prepared to give.

If you are willing put up with hunger, work your butt off in the gym and moderate your lifestyle then you can get amazing results in a month. However it doesn´t stop there as if you want these results to last you need to keep stay on track and not fall back into your old ways. Can you do this?

If you think not then opt for the more sensible option and instead of killing yourself make small and steady changes to your life that result in 6-8 pounds of fat per month while developing a healthy, firm, lean, and more attractive body.

When it comes to how much weight can you lose in a month it is your call but just make sure that the goals you set are ones that you know you can hit and keep on hitting until you have the body you desire.

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